Welcome to Port-A-Seum. Here we explore the history of the people, places and events in Britain From stonehenge to the second world war.


Pals Battalions of the First World War

This November marks 100 years since the end of the First World War. Estimates say that the total loss of life reached nearly 20,000,000 people. Between 860,000 and 1,000,000 of those were from Britain alone. The loss to towns and cities across the country was significant. The impact was made worse by early recruitment methods. Read More

Battle of Culloden: A New Campaign

If you read my blog and Facebook page, you’ll be aware of the ongoing plight of the Stonehenge road tunnel. Archeologists have discovered that the site encompasses a much larger area than the Neolithic monument alone and yet a tunnel, intended to alleviate traffic, has been planned nearby which could destroy vital archeology and affect Read More


I grew up in Arizona and Texas before marrying a Brit and moving to the UK. After spending many happy years working in museums and historic houses in both the UK and Texas, I left the museum service to set up a small business providing history and collections workshops to schools and adult learning groups.

I  spend as much of my free time as possible touring the UK- there are so many places here to enjoy!  I find the best way to learn about the past is by wandering down old cobbled streets, exploring the country’s historic buildings and museums and absorbing as much as possible in person!

When I’m not sharing my knowledge of history with whoever will listen (seriously, ask anyone who knows me),  I look after my two beautiful kids, three sweet-as-pie basset hounds and one charming husband.    

All of my travelling combined with my love of history means I have tons of stored up knowledge that is bursting to be shared!